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12 Ways to Promote your Blog

One fine morning you wake up and think, “What shall I do? Aha, lemme write a blog today”. After toiling for the whole day, you produce a brilliant piece of blog, and you don’t have any visitors. Aaawww! don’t worry, with our tips mentioned below, your blog will become the talk of the town. So read along.

* Authenticity: “You” material is what the people want to read. They don’t want to see plagiarized material. So give them the real stuff.

* Language: Good grammar + good write up makes for a good read. Keep that in mind, and you have yourself a fairly good blog.

* Audience: Keep in mind to who you are addressing. The tone should align with what you have to say.

* Timeliness: Being consistent and scheduled means that you are always churning out new content for your readers. It also means that you respect them, Coz you don’t want to lose your patrons to some newbie writer, right? Here, time is of the essence. So be there on time.

* Visual Appeal: Make your blog a visual treat with photos and videos. Yeah! And, make sure that you take copyright permission for all the digital content.

* Patience is the key: That is where patience becomes a virtue, my friend. So turn on the site feed for your blog. This way your posts will find their way into your reader’s inboxes.

* Social networking: Let’s milk them to the fullest! Yes! You heard me right. Every time you link you blog post, your content will be exposed to a newer market. Tweet it or post it on your wall…or use them all.

* Cross promotions: “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours” holds good here too. You can actually build relationships with other bloggers to promote your own blog. By joining blog communities, not only are you marketing your blog but you are also bringing traffic.

* Be in the game: People are searching for blogs as we speak at blog search sites and directories. So, it is always better to submit your blog URL to sites like Blogdex, Daypop, Technorati, Popdex to name a few.

* Be the search engine’s favorite: Adding relevant keywords help the search engines to put your content in the fore front every-time it is being looked up.

* Leave your business card: I mean the virtual ones of course. While marketing your business, don’t you always do that? We are talking about links to your left back while commenting. It can also be included in your email signatures. Just think how much exposure that gets you!

* Social Bookmarking: Make use of service like Onlywire to send your new blog posts to various social bookmarking sites.

There you go, try these tips out and see your blog lose its milk teeth.