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I get traffic, but NO conversion

Most online retailers and internet marketing professionals invest time and money on driving traffic to their website but all strategies end right here. They never think of encouraging a shopper to navigate from one page to another. In other words, online retailers drive traffic to the home page or product page with least or no site/page objective and finally end up in increasing the bounce rate. Due to this negligence, all traffic generating internet marketing campaigns like PPC, shopping engine campaign, email, and search engine optimization will fall flat. The investment and effort you put together to increase your traffic will go down the drain if there are no or very few conversions.So what makes or breaks the online sales conversion? Definitely, it is the landing page.Optimizing landing pages with surefire marketing techniques is one of the best ways to persuade visitors to become prospective buyers. There are few proven techniques by which an online retailer can improve his landing page …

Harmonize the message:
The contents of the landing page (especially the page headline) should relate exactly with the advertisement. The aim of this technique is to ensure the user that he is visiting the right page.

Avoid Content Plagiarism:
Plagiarizing content from online/offline market place will not add much value to the online shopper and the search engines. Add a persuasive marketing message along with unique product description, features, and images. Insert the relevant SEO keywords into the content. This will help search engines to crawl and index pages giving your site top ranking in SERP. The user can make his buying decision much quicker. Provide separate product usage guide so that the user can download to get information about the product’s functionality. (Mobius provides unique product description along with SEO keywords plugged in, Buying Guides and other content creation activities. Go ahead for Free Consultation)

Play with Price:
Pricing is one of the ways to bolster a brand. When the user lands to the product page he usually scans the page to find the price along with the other important information like product name, features, etc. Be informed of the price quotes offered by other merchants in various online market places and decide your price.

User Opinion Matters
: User reviews and opinions help customers to learn about the performance of the product. It is equal to taking a word of mouth suggestion about buying the product. This tempts the customer to proceed in actually buying the product. Make sure to include the user-review functionality in the site and also request your visitors to write a few words about their experience with the product. This is one of the best ways to increase the conversion rates and to improve the credibility of the site.

Product Usage Guide
: Providing a product usage guide makes a shopper understand how far the product meets his requirements. But make sure you use good navigation that gets him back to the product page.

Including offers like free delivery, free gifts, and coupons are definite ways to woo the customers, which increases the conversion rate.

Delivery time estimation:
Shoppers surely would like to know how quickly the product will reach them after ordering. Online retailers like Amazon do it very efficiently.

Trust and Security:
Provide icons, images, symbols that would give a tremendous positive impact of trust and security. Even large online retailers are influenced by these symbols and logos. The icons/images of VeriSign and eTrust logo are two examples.

Get money through different means:
Don’t just stick to credit card or debit card payment. Not everyone likes the idea of credit card or debit cards. Provide payment options like Paypal, BillMeNext, and Google Checkout.

Avoid distractions:
Avoid using high graphic pictures, flash and other fancy features which require latest applications. The user’s system may not be installed with the software supporting those files. Don’t use too many tricks to woo the shopper which usually ends up with the shopper leaving your website due to frustration without bothering to know what is so special in your product.