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20 Cheap Ways to Build Back Links to Your Product/Category Page

Building links to the product page has dual advantage...

1. You get direct visitors to your website/page

2. Search engines love links and probably would rank the product page well in SERP.

I can second guess the thought plaguing you, “Building link is not an easy task”. Yes, I agree. Link building is tough; it requires lot of patience, hard work and consistency. But once the campaign is done successfully, you’ll get a lot of traffic because it’s the trump card for high search engine ranking.

I have listed out some of the unique ways to build links to the retail website product/category pages which would cost nothing except time….. Ok, maybe some money too.

1. Start Blogging

2. Write unique product descriptions (features and benefits) with a link back to the product page and submit them to different article directories .

3. Write something unique about the product and see if you are get picked by or bloggers or social media surfers (Link Bait).

4. Create a product usage guide/e-book and give a link back to the product page.

5. Get your product pages listed in social media websites.

6. Build a product related community and promote your product pages whenever possible.

7. Participate in product related forums and link back if found relevant.

8. Get your products reviewed by bloggers.

9. Start product information page within your website and link it to the product page

10. Add social Bookmarking tools in each product page.

11. Give a link back to the product page from other related product’s pages within your website (intelligent cross sell with appropriate product name or anchor text)

12. Email product page links to your customers whenever you add any new products or offer any discounts.

13. Create an RSS feed for the category pages. Make sure your users subscribe to the rss feeds. RSS have pretty much guaranteed delivery than email.

14. Get product category widgets; let your friends, relatives and others add them to their blog/websites.

15. Leave comments on other’s blog but make sure the comment is related to the product or category and give a link back.

16. Use a tell a friend script on each product pages.

17. Buy links to the category pages make sure you don’t buy irrelevant links.

18. Purchase ads and link the category/product pages in other people’s mailing lists and newsletter.

19. Make product videos and submit them to video sharing websites like youtube, metacafe, etc.

20. Place classified ads about your products in free or paid online classified websites.

These are just few ways to build back links to your category or product page. Few of the link building strategies mentioned above will have good impact in SEO rankings, but you have to make sure that you get links from No-follow enabled and relevant website.