Reading Glasses

Are you planning to open an online store, but are not sure what to sell through it? Have you ever thought about reading glasses? More than 70% of the global population are either short sighted or long sighted and depend on accessories that help them improve their view. While 20% of these individuals opt for contact lenses or have their vision corrected through Phaco and Lasik surgery, the rest depend on the traditional spectacles to fix their Myopia or Hyperopia. Spectacles contain of a frame that holds in place a pair of powered glasses made from optically pure glass to alter the focal point of the light entering through it, so that it focuses in the retina in such a way that the person suffering from eyesight problems can view things properly and sharply.

Extra information about reading glasses

Online stores surges ahead of brick & mortar stores

It is no hidden fact that online stores are nowadays much more popular than physical ones, as more and more people depend on their smartphones to browse the net and purchase their requirements from online portals. Thanks to this trend, people purchase reading glasses from online shops the moment they have received the prescription from the ophthalmologist containing details about the power of the lenses of the left and right eye. People no longer have the time visiting physical stores and searching for frames that suit their needs. If they find a design appealing, chances are that its size is not suitable for them. Purchasing through online shops is much easier, as visitors can set filters such as frame size, price (ascending to descending or vice versa), colour, and much more. The moment they feed in this data, the website displays them an array of frames that meets their requirements.

Quick and efficient

More often or not, they find a spectacle of their liking, pay for it, and upload an image of their prescription. The owner of the store processes the order and sends the same to the customer via courier once the glasses have been prepared and fixed on the frame. Setting up website for promoting and selling reading glasses is quite easy, and hardly requires much investment, as you can tie up with the manufacturers. They will send prepared webpages containing stocks of their frames, which you can incorporate on your site.

Dropshipping and minting more money

Once the customer purchases a set of spectacles, your website forwards the order to the manufacturer of the frame, along with the cost of the same, and after deducting your profit. The manufacturer completes the processing and dropships it to the customer using your name and address on the "Sender's" label. This ensures that you receive repeat orders from the same client. You can earn more money from your reading glasses website by tying up with local ophthalmologists and including a ling to their website on yours. Each time a person clicks on one of those links, schedules an appointment with the doctor, and gets his eyes checked, you receive a commission from the doctor too.