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12 Ways to Promote your Blog

One fine morning you wake up and think, “What shall I do? Aha, lemme write a blog today”. After toiling for the whole day, you produce a brilliant piece of blog, and you don’t have any visitors. Aaawww! don’t worry, with our tips mentioned below, your blog will become the talk of the town. So read along.

* Authenticity: “You” material is what the people want to read. They don’t want to see plagiarized material. So give them the real stuff.

* Language: Good grammar + good write up makes for a good read. Keep that in mind, and you have yourself a fairly good blog.

* Audience: Keep in mind to who you are addressing. The tone should align with what you have to say.

* Timeliness: Being consistent and scheduled means that you are always churning out new content for your readers. It also means that you respect them, Coz you don’t want to lose your patrons to some newbie writer, right? Here, time is of the essence. So be there on time.

* Visual Appeal: Make your blog a visual treat with photos and videos. Yeah! And, make sure that you take copyright permission for all the digital content.

* Patience is the key: That is where patience becomes a virtue, my friend. So turn on the site feed for your blog. This way your posts will find their way into your reader’s inboxes.

* Social networking: Let’s milk them to the fullest! Yes! You heard me right. Every time you link you blog post, your content will be exposed to a newer market. Tweet it or post it on your wall…or use them all.

* Cross promotions: “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours” holds good here too. You can actually build relationships with other bloggers to promote your own blog. By joining blog communities, not only are you marketing your blog but you are also bringing traffic.

* Be in the game: People are searching for blogs as we speak at blog search sites and directories. So, it is always better to submit your blog URL to sites like Blogdex, Daypop, Technorati, Popdex to name a few.

* Be the search engine’s favorite: Adding relevant keywords help the search engines to put your content in the fore front every-time it is being looked up.

* Leave your business card: I mean the virtual ones of course. While marketing your business, don’t you always do that? We are talking about links to your left back while commenting. It can also be included in your email signatures. Just think how much exposure that gets you!

* Social Bookmarking: Make use of service like Onlywire to send your new blog posts to various social bookmarking sites.

There you go, try these tips out and see your blog lose its milk teeth.


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Advantages of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a practice of saving bookmarks on a public website and tagging them with keywords. It helps you get huge traffic and quality backlinks. In social bookmarking, you can add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. You can find plenty of social bookmarking sites that let you promote your business website online. StumbleUpon, Digg, Clipmarks and OnlyWire are a few to mention

Improve Your Business with Social Bookmarking

There are several benefits of social bookmarking to help your business flourish. Here is a list of few.

By bookmarking sites on a particular theme and tagging them with keywords, you can establish your expertise and make people follow you. From time to time, you can also add your own content.

Increases repeat visitors to your site - There are many people, who visit your website, and don't take any action on their first visit. But, if you can offer them bookmarking options on your page, they are sure to find your website again, which thereby increases the number of repeat visitors.

Provides information about your competitors - When somebody has bookmarked a site, then you only need to read it. So, it makes your work easier to know about all the competitor sites in your industry.

As mentioned above, there are a number of social bookmarking websites that are trusted by a lot. So, if you can have a link pointing to your website on their page, it means more visitors and higher ranking.

Bookmarking sites help save a lot of time and effort. In order to get targeted traffic to your website, you can use social bookmarking. It is an easy and absolutely free way to make your website popular.

Helps build backlinks for your website. You can build backlinks for your website through social bookmarking. Just ensure that you submit your website to bookmarking sites that feature do follow attribute. Thereby, you get quality backlinks to your website as well as you brand yourself too. Branding is important for successful online business.

Now, you see that with social bookmarking, you can create a much larger level of exposure for the content. You get more visitors for your site. It therefore helps your online business flourish. But do remember, your website ought to have quality content coz it’s the content that readers get attracted to.


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How to write an engaging content that is search engine friendly?

Are you desperate to have hoards of viewers thronging your website? Then, having engaging, reader-friendly content is something you cannot overlook. Worry not! Writing interesting articles are not as difficult as they seem to be. All it takes is a little bit of effort, the right usage of words and better framing of details. Here are a few tips to help you on your journey towards success.

Audience is the priority!

Any content that is dull and boring will not attract readers. If you wish to keep your readers engaged, then try putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you’re sure on what kind of readers you expect on your site, then this task is pretty easy. If your blog is for those who are quite informed on your topic, you might prefer to get a bit deeper while writing. Else, start from the basics and get to the point.

Repetition is a sin

Viewers might bear with a dull content, but definitely not with repetition. Just imagine your article going on and on about a single point. Sounds pretty awkward, eh? That’s the way your visitors would feel too. Always try stating facts as they are, but in an interesting way. For instance, if you are about to review a movie, try passing on your feeling to the reader rather than just describing about the pros and cons of it. Keep it interactive and try using a conversational tone. Ultimately, after reading your review, the reader must be able to decide whether that particular movie is worth a watch or not!

Complex words never work

Unless and until you deal with literature or some sophisticated topic, never try including complex words in your blog. Well, you don’t expect your readers to constantly peep into the dictionary, do you? Try having simple sentences that are easy to understand. But, wait! This doesn’t mean you have to offend your user by making him feel like a kid. Stick on to your point and try to put it in a different way that will make your reader smile.

Organization is the key

Contents that go back and forth are definitely a blunder that just can’t be accepted. Always try describing your points in paragraph and try not to repeat them unless it is absolutely necessary. A well organized article will not just make your article read well, but it will also make the reader feel good.

Keyword Placement for 100% success

SEO - this is a mantra that bloggers keep on reciting these days. How do you expect people to read your blog when they are invisible? So, if you want your website to be noticed, ensure you have those valuable keywords in the right place. And, keep track of the count too. Too many cooks spoil the broth, don’t they?


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Top Content Strategies to Increase Website Traffic

Is it possible to make your visitors revisit your website that has the same old content for a long period of time? The answer would be a definite ‘no’. In order to keep your visitors interested and direct more qualified traffic to your website, you need to ensure your site is updated with fresh content. Here are a few strategies that will spice up your website’s content to retain and encourage your visitors.

Information is King

People all over the world are in search of good and informative content. When your website has something that directly addresses what a person is looking for, it tends to attract more visitors to your site. And, it is essential to prevent visitors from pressing the back button to get away from unfriendly content. A good content on your site makes search engines happy, which in turn rewards by directing more quality traffic.

Recycle Old Content

“Recycling” is the new age mantra. You can make use of old, multimedia and information archives of the past to reconstruct your website. All it needs is little editing and who knows, you can bring back the magic of the award winning campaign you organized ten years back! Just grab useful information and modify it to make your Internet marketing efforts fruitful.

Well-structured Content

Organization is crucial in anything and so in the content too. In order to drive traffic to your website, it should have a neat outline and clear objective. With proper flow, organization and zing in the content, you are sure to keep your visitors occupied. Your website’s structure should be simple and understandable. Make navigation easy by using breadcrumbs, or even a sitemap for the spiders to go about your site.

Serve Your Audience What They Want

You need to know what your target audience want to see. Analyze what your readers want by conducting surveys or polls. Some best platforms to do so are social networking sites, like Facebook or Twitter, and email newsletters.

Giveaways Work Well

A website’s traffic is largely dependent on the number of times readers visit it. If you want people to visit your site again and again, you can consider offering small rewards as ‘giveaways’. Conduct regular contests to make your website interesting and fun.

Keep the Site Fresh and Updated

Welcome all new ideas and accept new changes that can bring a positive change in your website’s traffic such as link exchange, promotion of new bloggers, banner exchange, and PPC. With several back links from blogs, ads and web banners, your site gets listed on the foremost search results, thereby increasing the chances of traffic.


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SEO Content Writing Tips

No matter what you write, unless and until you get visitors to your website, it is of no use. Because getting visitors to read your stuff is the whole point of it all, isn’t it? If no one ever reads your diligently created work, then it’s like an Aston Martin parked in your garage that never saw the daylight.

Content marketing is the key to unlock the garage door; here, it would be the right SEO strategies that unlock your website. The below mentioned pointers will shed some light on content writing.

* We check online for a good content to read by search using the right name or phrase. What captures your attention is the website with a unique name. Intriguing and compelling headlines grab the reader’s attention. This makes more sense as the attention span of online user is quite less.

* Title tags and relevant key tag words are essential to move your content or webpage up on the ranking scale. Be sure to use the same exact keywords though. The length and the density of the keywords are also equally important. Also, key phrases that are geo-specific will hit bang on the targeted audience.

* If your content has images, then there are chances of traffic coming on to your site through image search. Plus, they add value to your content.

* But, whatever you do is not enough if your content is not good enough. Your content must be unique and attractive. A well written content with proper flow and zing is sure to engage your readers and attract potential customers too.


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Why should you verify your Pininterest account?

Why should you verify your Pinterest account?

If you think that any account you see on Pinterest is genuine, you can be wrong. Not all sites you come across on Pinterest are legitimate. To assure your followers that your business site is authentic, Pinterest provides you the ability to verify your account! With its new verification feature, this site allows your followers to learn more about you and your business.

Until up now, your domain name was hidden behind a planet earth icon in the About section on your Pinterest page. Your followers had to click on an icon to visit your site. Though it’s a nice idea, it’s not potential in promoting your brand or business, improving the number of audience, or generating more leads. But, with Pinterest’s verification feature in place, you can easily create an impact on how people look at your business.

There are two main advantages of verifying your Pinterest account:

* More Followers and Traffic:

As soon as your account is verified, your business URL is displayed significantly at the top of your Pinterest page, making it easy for people to know better about you. Not just your followers, but other pinners can also come to know of your corresponding business. Eventually, you get to benefit from an increase in the number of followers and traffic as well to your website.

* Boosts Your Online Visibility and SEO:

After the verification of your Pinterest account, earning more online visibility is a sure thing to happen. It also helps to boost the SEO services in the form of links and build confidence in your company and brand.

Do apply this new verification feature for your website on Pinterest, and you’re sure to find Pinterest beneficial for your business.


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Facebook Ads - Are they worth the investment?

Facebook ads have created a huge hype in business world. Regarded as the friendly ad-campaigner for small and large companies, social networking sites have created a huge base of clients in the recent days. However, is this hype worth your attention? Here’s the secret revealed.

Before we move on to the pros and cons of our target, let’s first have a look on what Facebook ads actually are! Facebook has become a household name today. Right from a new born baby to a 100-year old oldie, you can find anyone and everyone in Facebook (not to mention all those pet cats and dogs!) So, what does this large follower base mean to the social networking giant? Ah! You guessed it right - Business.

Facebook, through its strategic ads program has paved a way for small and larger business firms alike to take their products and services to the end customer. With Facebook ads, an organization can concentrate on a particular demographic area and expand its clientele. These ads generally pop up on the right hand side of the Facebook page and allow the user to either like the ad or go to the client’s site.

Facebook has different types of ads in place to suit the needs of different businesses. So, if you are an entrepreneur and ready to spend quite a few dollars to take your company to the public, then Facebook is there to help! Within a few hours, you can see your company’s reputation go sky high.

Having said that, are these ads really worth your wallet? The answer is a partial yes and a partial no. Of late, there has been a controversy that Facebook ads aren’t really worth the investment. People who know advertising inside out claim that half of the likes that an ad gets are actually from fake profiles. They also state that the likes that ads get are mostly from demographic areas that do not interest the advertiser. A few weeks ago, BBC investigated the mystery behind Facebook ads and came up with a big shock for global advertisers.

BBC created a bogus company called Virtual Bagel to find the mystifying secret behind those thousands of likes on Facebook Ads. With a meager investment of $10, it specifically targeted customers in the UK and US market. However, the result was otherwise. Within hours, likes started pouring in but from countries such as Indonesia, Egypt and the Philippines. The majority of the likes were from people who actually didn’t exist. The list also included spammers and malware authors. Some were even operated by computer software.

So, guys, stay vigilant while using Facebook ads. Visibility is something that’s guaranteed using this technique, but genuine results are something that you can’t expect. To cut it short, Facebook ads are for those who seek publicity rather than business with the end-customer. But, if you are in lookout for some serious transactions, these are just not your cup of tea!


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Increase Sales with E-mail Marketing Techniques

Email Marketing techniques aim at driving more traffic to the business website and thereby improving sales. They work incredibly if done in the right way and help you create a concrete targeted email database.

Email marketing strategies target your email customers, so you’ll have the benefit of informing your customers about a new product or service, sending specific orders to a set of customers and more. With these tactics, you can keep your clients interested with information that will help them such as free reports. You can even make your clients look forward to the next mail.

Listed below are a few email marketing strategies that’ll help boost sales and enhance repeat businesses.

* Segregate your email contacts as per the interest category and direct your messages only to those consumers, who will want to hear from you. It’ll help you classify your VIPs and repeat customers. Also, you can allow your customers to self-select category-specific emails that will prevent you from filling a client’s inbox each day with superfluous emails.

* Concentrate on your message and see that your mail clearly conveys the purpose. To keep your customers interested, let them capture the gist of the mail in less than a minute. In case of long articles, you can provide the substance in short along with a link to the full article on your website or blog.

* Make your mails answer some of the real-world questions that you might expect from a customer. For instance, you can consider answering the FAQs by customers.

* Give space to your clients to pass on their opinions. You can open up an opportunity for exchange of ideas by means of polls and questionnaires. This tactic can also help you discover their specific interests, and communicate offers and information accordingly.

* Make the best use of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and leverage the full potential that these platforms offer. You can extend your conversation to one of these sites where in your customers can submit their views and opinions, for instance, your Facebook business page.

With proper timing and frequency of emails, and application of these email marketing techniques, you can build an agreeable relationship with your clients. Your business sales volume is also sure to improve.